You deserve better interest!

No fuss, no hurdles — just a straight forward & secure pathway to better earnings. With NAMI, you can finally make your money work more in just three simple steps.

How it works

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Just input your monthly savings rate and press the button.

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What you need to get started

The desire to finally earn more interest on your savings.

The willingness to discover something new.

Time and patience to let your money work.

Achieving a good return has never been easier

We've taken care of all the complicated details for you. 3 simple steps - that's it. NAMI continuously monitors all available options for earning interest in US Dollars within the KUJIRA ecosystem. When there's a better opportunity, we automatically move the capital. This way, we can always ensure that your money is working for the best interest rate.


1. Create your own vault

You decide what you want to save for.

Mockup Create Vault UI


2. Deposit funds

It doesn't matter how much you can save. Start with as little as 25 USD per month.

Mockup NAMI UI Saving process


3. See your portfolio grow

Lean back and enjoy the compound interest

Mockup NAMI UI Performance

New Opportunities

Why can we offer you higher interest rates?

Imagine if your savings could earn more, without any confusing tactic! Here's how NAMI does it differently: Like a bank, we lend out funds. But unlike a bank, we do it through a secure digital application called GHOST (a money market) on the KUJIRA Blockchain. This market is super-efficient and doesn't have the usual bank costs.

So, finally, most of the earnings come back directly to you! It's straightforward and safe – your money works harder, and you see the benefits directly. Welcome to the future of saving!


100% user focused


Everything at a glance

On NAMI's dashboard you have the perfect overview of your current financial situation. You can see a portfolio breakdown, development and your expected interest.

NAMI Homescreen

Detailed anaylsis

Each Vault comes with detailed analysis. Follow your transactions, see your interest in different time frames or share a goal.

NAMI Vault Details

Pro Interface

Your NAMI experience should be tailored to your needs and knowledge. That's why we offer a pro interface for advanced users.

NAMI Pro Interface

SONARWallet exclusive

Out of the box NAMI will support only SonarWallet. This will encourage lots of new users to engage in the KUJIRA ecosystem.

NAMI SonarWallet exclusive

Be reminded

Continuous investing is on of the strongest financial concepts. Nami will remind you to invest in your future.

NAMI Get reminded

Help at every turn

Don't worry. NAMI will make sure, you'll never be lost at any point. We'll guide you through the whole process with FAQs, guides and a support team.

NAMI FAQ Section

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We're a passionate group of software engineers in Switzerland & Greece that came up with an idea to make low risk wealth accumulation possible again. We strive to operate in a 100% user centric way and cut out all the complexities of the crypto space. We're building a product that is easy to use and accessible to everyone.

  • Julian (jp.kuji)

    CEO & Founder

    I have a background in high-tech sales and software engineering. I'm a super inquisitive person that explores new possibilities. I strongly believe that anyone can create anything with enough dedication. Building NAMI is a dream come true for me: finally contributing to a new financial system. Fun fact: I'm a passion diver and traveler.

  • Alkis (alkas)

    CTO & Co-Founder

    I have a background of over 25 years of designing and developing full-stack applications, a Master's degree in Computer Science and a doctorate in databases. My career is marked by key achievements, such as developing an innovative application for IKA that improved the prescription of medical prescriptions. I have taught programming to over 50 aspiring software developers and shared my passion for technology and problem-solving. Now it's time to expand into the blockchain space.


Where we're heading

[ MVP ]

Ghost Logo

Deposits into GHOST vaults

Ghost Logo

SonarWallet integration

Algorithmic management of GHOST deposits

Revenue sharing

[ Version 1.0 ]

BOW logo

BOW stable pool integrations

Referral System for user acquisition

Stabilization of interest rate

Web2 marketing campaigns

Extensive Help Center

[ Future plans ]

Retirement feature for a predictable income

Account abstraction

Vaults with debit cards

Machine Learning for interest rate predictions

Cross-chain yield sources